In Windows NT 4.0, some tape drives may disable your floppy drive. These may include the HP Colorado T3000, HP Colorado T1000, and Wangtek QIC-3010. All of these use the qic117.sys driver and run off the floppy drive controller. When this driver loads, it makes a number of system calls and then takes over the floppy drive controller to ensure maximum performance, as well as to minimize the chance of data errors while you're using the tape drive. But once it loads, you won't be able to access your floppy drive. Instead, you will see this error message:
"A:\ is not accessible--The requested resource is in use."
The work-around is to make sure the qic117.sys driver does not load until a backup starts. Go to Control Panel, Devices, and find the tape device. Click the Startup button, select Automatic from the list, and click OK.

What the heck can you use that stupid WinKey for? Ya know, the key that's on newer keyboards in between Ctrl and Alt? Here's a comprehensive list:
WinKey + E = Opens Explorer
WinKey + F = Opens Find
WinKey + R = Opens Run
WinKey + Pause = Opens System Properties
WinKey + D = Maximize / Minimize all windows
WinKey + M = Minimize all windows
WinKey + Shift + M = Maximize all "WinKey + E" minimized windows
WinKey + Tab = Flip between open apps in the taskbar

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