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Welcome to Pettersen's Computers!!. The purpose of this web site is to enhance the support services I provide to my customers. I've provided a number of resources here to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to my products and service.

This my attempt at consolidating some of the PC based knowledge that I've acquired. Feel free to peruse and use this information...however, all responsibility for using ANY patches, software, tips OR tricks on YOUR PC which leads to failure is NOT my responsibility. Although this software HAS been tested on specific machine configurations, I cannot be responsible for machines which may have been modified by you. Thanks for your understanding!

You may also obtain technical support by e-mail to pcindex at markpettersen.com (change the word "at"  to a "@" symbol).

My Main Domain Site is available here


Send mail to webmaster at markpettersen.com (insert an "at" symbol) with questions or comments about this web site, but not for technical support.
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