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2002 Hyundai Santa Fe - Nice little "SUV", with all the road construction on the highways I've got to travel every day to get to work, I decided to get something that is cheaper to repair than the Lightning!
Turns out it gets as good gas mileage as the long gone SuperCoupe, but not as good as the Taurus; it is the GLS Edition, with all wheel drive.  Picked it up with just over 16,000 miles on it, it was in good shape and at a decent price (of course, or I wouldn't have bought it).
It now has over 46,000 miles and I can't say anything really bad about it.  Sure, I'd like a little more power for merging and quick acceleration, but doesn't everyone?
It has become our daily commuter vehicle due to all the construction work and maintenance going on on our commute to work.  Much easier and cheaper to move around than the Lightning! Gets better gas mileage too!
santafe-int-f.jpg (89778 bytes)
And best of all, my girlfriend loves driving this due to its ease of handling, the view outside, and that it isn't a "large" vehicle.  Gone in 2005 as a trade-in on a newer one.
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2005 Hyundai Santa Fe LE - An upper scale replacement for the 2002 Santa Fe GLS we have been driving for the last 11 years.
Interior shots from the pamphlet:
Exterior shots of ours:
Interior shots of ours:
This vehicle is Olga's...and she loves it.  Especially the handling and view over other vehicles on the road.
But, with over 100,000 mile son ours, she is now starting to think about replacing it

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