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1983 Mercury Capri RS - Although a new nice car, fast and very manageable, I blew the carburetor while in Colorado and decided to trade it in on the 1986 Capri below, while I was there.
1986 Mercury Capri - Junked and forgotten.
1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - Not a bad little sports car, but rough handling otherwise!  Traded it in on the 1985 Grand Am below.
1985 Pontiac Grand Am LE - Family style car.  Replaced by the 1988 below.
1988 Pontiac Grand Am SE - Semi-sporty, but still a family car.  Gone in 1998.  Gladly given to my ex-wife during our divorce!
pontiac_grand_am_1.jpg (27375 bytes)pontiac_grand_am_2.jpg (25787 bytes)pontiac_grand_am_3.jpg (19862 bytes)
1991 Plymouth Shadow - Thanks to my friend Herb, I got to drive this for a year, while I talked myself into spending BIG bucks for another bike!  Of course, since he knew how anal I was about vehicle care, he knew I would take good care of it for him while he was gone!  Too bad I had to give it back to him!  <g>

plymouth_shadow.jpg (79425 bytes)

1993 Ford Thunderbird SC - In late 1997, in December, after about a year of searching I found this...  A 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe!! Silver, as you can tell, it is a nice match to my motorcycle! Kind of reminds me of my FIRST car... Anyways, I've always liked this model of Thunderbird, and silver is my favorite vehicle color!
right_front.jpg (109873 bytes)from_the_front.jpg (91861 bytes)left_front.jpg (116907 bytes)
The big, yet semi-sporty, Thunderbird in Super Coupe trim.  It was my daily driver for a few years as I become a fair weather motorcycle rider!  I had this car for some time, but took to driving it less, hoping to keep it looking good (and the mileage down)!  Little did I know what would happen down the road...
from_the_back.jpg (64083 bytes)left_rear.jpg (94163 bytes)from_the_left.jpg (71525 bytes)
As I was driving to work  one day a few years back, I found this in a car lot. As you can tell is is nice looking, in good shape, and great to drive in all kinds of weather!! (I had decided to get something for the "bad" weather days that have become more common recently).  I just couldn't resist the price!! It is a VERY nicely maintained car...which I will continue to do...boy, it is nice to know other people are as anal about vehicle care and maintenance as I am!
backseat_right.jpg (63584 bytes) t-bird engine compartment 
The interior is leather, both seats are electric (of course), as well as the windows and door locks. The SC has the premium JBL Stereo System with cassette player, cruise control, and automatic seatbelts.  The vehicle has a super-charged V6 engine with over 210 horsepower, and better than 22 miles a gallon!  Online specifications listed at the Super Coupe Club of Iowa.
But I can tell you that I won't be working on this thing!! It is WAY too complex and crowded for me!  Gave it to my youngest daughter in October 2003.  Hope she takes good care of it and it should serve her well.
Ouch.  So much for my hopes...  Well, only five weeks later the car was totaled due to front end and frame damage from a collision with a loser with no drivers license, no insurance, speeding, AND warrants!!  Needless to say, he did not collect $200 dollars, but went straight to jail!
tbird1.jpg (147641 bytes)tbird2.jpg (168718 bytes)tbird3.jpg (146805 bytes)
The estimate was over $4,000 of damage.  Items such as the complete front end cap as well as damage to the frame ensured that this vehicle ended up in some salvage yard as I don't have the room to store it while I search for parts that are VERY hard to come by.  So it was totaled out and we used that money to buy the Mercury Mystique, two cars down.
The next vehicle purchased, was by my girl friend!  She did a great job and got a good deal!
1999 Ford Taurus SE - Very nice car for traveling, with more than 2 people.  My girlfriend had this one as her daily driver, and the car had ALL the options! The only thing NOT present is the slightly higher output engine that the Ford Taurus SVO has got. Other, than that, they look VERY much alike.
This car makes me wish I had put a CD player in the Thunderbird!  Good ride, good handling and a great price made this too good a deal to pass up.  We drove it quite a bit while we were on vacation (up in Massachusetts).  It was purchased from a local dealership here in Arkansas, we traded in an older Toyota Corolla for it (1991 model), and like it!!
front_seats.jpg (68963 bytes)
interior_front_instrument.jpg (74141 bytes) radio.jpg (71243 bytes)
interior_front_instrument_from_back_seat.jpg (66107 bytes)
This car has almost as much power as the Thunderbird had, but doesn't use it quite as well. Not that that is necessarily a BAD thing, after all, it keeps my girlfriend from spinning the tires too much!
 rear_seats.jpg (61994 bytes)
rear_heat-ac.jpg (62006 bytes) 
With the arrival of the BMW below, we've decided to sell the Taurus...  And my youngest daughter was seriously interested in it, so we let her have it at a family discount, of course, and then we had the next major scheduled maintenance done as a present.  Unfortunately, it gave it's life to save hers shortly, the same daughter wiped out three vehicles...  And no more cars from me!
1999 Mercury Mystique - This is the car I helped my youngest daughter buy after the 1993 SuperCoupe was wrecked...
They say the gas mileage is about 26mpg and that it runs nice.  Not as fast as the Thunderbird was, but cheaper to drive for them than it was!  It didn't last too long before it was crippled and then killed off by them.
2000 BMW 528i - Found this car in late January 2006 and decided this would be my next purchase.  These are exterior shots from the day I bought it, I actually stopped on the way home and took these:
The car is in extremely good, and solid condition, and since I've been waiting a BMW for quite some time...  I can say I found the one I want.  Has the BMW venerable straight-6 engine and a five speed automatic, so Olga can drive it too!
Exterior shots after it was cleaned up and the dealership advertising removed from the vehicle:
Interior shots from the original drive home:
Interior shots after I cleaned it.  These are the front seats and interior area:
Rich black leather, wood accents, and everything looks and works, like new...
This is the rear seat area.  The back doors and rear windows have internal sun shades...the back window shade is electric, the window shades are manual.  With the tinted windows, this vehicle is very dark inside
Some details of the trunk area:
And the engine bay:

Despite some work done over the years the car still doesn't squeak or make a lot of noise when driven and we just took it over 100,000 miles on 10/15/08.  Hard to take a decent picture during rush hour traffic, but I got the information I wanted!

We're over 116K miles now, and later this year this car will go to Olga's oldest grandson as his first car.  And with a little over 117K mile, on June 19th, 2011, the vehicle was given to him and he loves it!  But I think his mom gets to drive it more!
2001 BMW 740iL - While thinking about buying a larger vehicle for a more comfortable ride and trying to do my part to help the local economy, I found this car.  While I could never convince myself to spend the kind of money these cars cost when new, (for example, a 2009 740iL runs around $90K to $100K!), but buying a good, low mileage, used example gives us a chance to see what the attraction is.

Here are some exterior shots:

Front image Left front viewLeft side view 
 Left rear view Rear viewRight rear view 
Rear view  Right front viewSunroof
Some specifications:
Exterior:Titanium Silver Metallic
Interior:Gray Leather
Engine:4.4L (268) DOHC EFI 32-valve V8 engine w/variable valve timing
MPG (C/H):17 MPG/23 MPG
Fuel tank:22.5 gallons
And some of the interior:
Engine bay  Driver's Door 
Driver's Entryway Steering wheel controls Instruments 
 ConsoleOverhead Console Navigation system 
Left side passenger Left side passenger seat Trunk 
CD-Nav Toolkit Right side back seat area 
 Front passenger entryway Passenger seat controls 
How far can you drive a BMW with no coolant?  Almost all the way to the dealership!  <g>  An expensive lesson learned, but the car was repaired and traded in on the 2007 BMW 750i.
2007 BMW 750i - After a year of driving the 2001 BMW 740iL, I found a newer 7-Series on the local dealership's web site...enough to go by to check the car out in person.  The car I looked at in person was attractive, being blue in color, but not quite what I wanted.  So the sale person mentioned several others that had not yet been processed for sale and we found this beauty out back.  We worked out a deal on the spot, and I drove the old one home and waited for the car to be cleaned up for delivery.  I then picked it on up on 3/24/10, drove it home and surprised my girlfriend with a different commuting vehicle!  She REALLY likes this one and we're surprised at the difference six years (and one model) makes in the car.
And on my way home, I stopped to snap some digital pictures of the car.
Here are some exterior shots:
Lower back view of carBack view of carRight rear view
Right side viewRight mirror and braRight front view
Dashboard view of VINFront viewLow front view
View of front BMW emblem and braFront hood bra lineOpen hood view
VIN numberEngine bay viewInside hood view
Close up of open hood viewEngine CoverPaint tag on shock mount
Left front viewLeft mirror and braLeft view
 Left rear view 
And here some interior shots:
Driver's doorDriver's door controls Left side steering wheel controls 
View from the driver's seat Instrument stackInstruments off
Instrument panel onDriver's seat controlsI-Drive controller
Front overheadInstrument stack on  Back seat view of the controller
 Navigation displayBack seat, left door, with both blinds down Back seat, left door, with one blind down 
 Back seat, left door, with both blinds up Left door controls Back seat heat controls
 Inside view of the back windowInside view of the back window with blind up Rear overhead view
 Left back seat view Right side, back seat view of a/c controlsBack seat, right door, blinds down 
Back seat, right door, one blind downBack seat, right door, blinds upRight seat view
 CD changer Right seat controls Right front door
And additional details from Consumer Guide Automotive, with an extract below:
Engine Specifications:
 dohc V81Supercharged dohc V82dohc V123
Size, liters/cu. in.4.8/293 4.4/268 6.0/364
Horsepower @ rpm.360 @ 6300500 @ 5500438 @ 6000
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm.360 @ 3400516 @ 4250444 @ 3950
EPA City / highway mpg    
6-speed automatic17/25 15/23 14/22
1. 750 models. 2. Alpina B7. 3. 760Li.
Engine Key: l/cu in. = liters/cubic inches; ohv = overhead valve; ohc = overhead camshaft; dohc = dual overhead camshaft; I = inline cylinders; H = horizonally opposed cylinders; V = cylinders in a V configuration; W = cylinders in a W configuration; rpm = revolutions per minute; CVT = continuously variable (automatic) transmission; NA = not available; "--" = measurement does not exist.

Fuel Data:

EPA Fuel Economy Est - City 15 MPG
EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy 23 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx 23.3 gal
Surprising, this car has the same rated horsepower as my 1999 Lightning, but not the same torque!  Fortunately we are averaging slightly more than 18 mpg combined mileage, not too bad for my driving, and it is better (and quieter) than the truck!
Here is a copy of the Owner's Manual.
Some of my regular film photos have returned and I've added them below.
High shot from the frontLow shot from the frontShot from left front
Shot from left sideClose up of a wheel and tireShot from left rear
Shot from the rearShot from the rear, low Shot from the right rear
Shot from the right side Shot from the right front Left side mirror aerodynamics 
Right front door view Right front door controls View of right front seat 
Right front seat controls In dash CD Magazone area  In dash CD Magazine exported
View of center control Right rear door view Right rear door view, one blind down  
Right rear door view, both blinds down Right rear door view, both blinds and one window down Right rear seat controls 
View from right rear sseat View across back seat View of foot rest in car 
View of no foot rest in car
View of back window View of back window with screen 
View of fuse schematics  View of trunk fusesAuto close trunk switch 
View of closed tool box in trunkEmergency Kit Foot rest stored in trunk 
DVD navigation system Left rear door view, both blinds down Close up view of B Column air vent 
View of rear a/c and pull out accessorries View across back seat View of rear seat heat controls partial movement
 View of rear seat heat controlsView of rear seat heat controls and storage View of driver's door 
View of driver's controls on door View of the instrument cluster while off View of the instrument cluster while on 
 View of steering wheel left side controls Steering wheel adjustments and heat controls View of the instrument cluster and steering wheel
Start and stop controls, and electronic key Right side controls (top for drive selection)  Right side controls (bottom for wipers)
 View of steering wheel right side controlsTop view of the command stack with display off View of the command stack 
 Top view of the command stack with display on Top view of the command stack with menu displayedView of the command stack bottom 
 Bottom view of the command stack with phone extendedClose up of phone extended Bottom view of the command stack with cupholders 
View of menu controller and support buttons Storage for CD-ROMS and I-Pod hook ups under armrestView of storage and IPOD hook ups 
 Close up of a/c and i-Pod connector Front seats have extensions for leg support Driver's seat controls
And I don't tailgate...I'm just drafting!!  So be courteous and move over...How's my tailgating?Comic courtesy of Speed Bump by Dave Coverly.
These are some pictures of one of the 7 Series, done by Alpina, it is known as a B7...  I think this blue may grow on me!
 B7 DashB7 Front B7 Engine
B7 FrontB7 Grill B7 Rear 
B7 Spoiler  B7 Wheel 
Although in the fall of 2013, I was able to take a test drive in a 2011 BMW M3...would be GREAT as a second car...but a little too noisy to have as a primary one!  And I like the M6 much more!
M3 Left side 
Aha, good things come to those who wait.  Checking out the local car lots, via the web, as I periodically do, I found this car, a 2010 BMW M6, on a local dealer's lot in February 2014.
 BMW M6 Coupe 
I called and made arrangements to take a test drive in this thing...thinking it would be a GREAT car...makes me think seriously about trading in for it!  Driving it was AWESOME!!  Even in the city!  Here are some quick cell phone pictures and shots from the dealership.
Will have to go home and think about it...
Right rear view while inside dealershipA monstar exhaust system  Right view while inside dealership
Right front view while inside dealership  While inside, a frontal view While inside, a left front view
Outside, view of right rearOutside, view of right front  Outside, view of front
Outside, view of left front Outside, view of left Outside, close up of wheel and tire
Outside, view of rear and exhaustView of drivers seat  View of drivers console
View of center consoleParking sensors Navigation 
OdometerDriver's door and controls Rear passenger, driver's side 
 Rear passenger's sideFront passenger's side Front passenger's console 
M6 V10 Engine cover M6 V10 Engine cover, close up M6 Emblem
 BMW Emblem  
2010 BMW M6 Coupe - Okay, I went home thought about it over the weekend, and decided to get this car, quickly.  Yep, I sold the 2007 750i to a co-worker and purchased this car.  This is the first M6 I can recall on the lot here...the cars aren't as common as the smaller M cars...  And this one is in great shape!
Picked up the car today (3/8/14) and before the rain had a chance to come in, went and took some digital pictures...  Co-workers who have seen the car say that even these photos don't do full justice to the car,
FrontLeft front viewLeft side
Left rearRearRear
Right rearRightRight front
Passenger's doorFront passenger's seatFront passenger's seat controls
Front passenger's airbags, glove box, and trimPassenger's rear seatRear window
Driver's side, rer seatConsoleDriver's door
Driver's door, close upLeft side controlsSteering wheel and paddles
Gauges viewHood InteriorEngine
Engine cover, with M and V10 emblemsTrunkTrunk pass through
 Battery and tools in trunk 
And here are some videos of the M6 during different driver reviews...
DriverSideEdStyafix StalloneAndreaSSS777
2010 BMW M6 Coupe SMG Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour
Information from Wikipedia, and some specifications of the 2 door, rear wheel drive coupe:
Length - 191.8"
Body width - 73.0"
Body height - 54.0"
Wheelbase - 109.5"
Curb weight - 3,909 lbs
Gross weight - 4,850 lbs
Front Leg room - 42.0"
Rear leg room - 30.1"
Luggage capacity - 13.0 cubic feet
maximum cargo capacity - 13.0 cubic feet
Standard seating - 4
Base engine size - 5.0 liters
Base engine type - V-10
Horsepower - 500 hp
Horsepower rpm - 7,750
Torque - 383 lb-ft
Torque rpm - 6,100
Payload 941 lbs
Drive type - Rear wheel
Turning radius - 20.5"
Fuel tank capacity - 18.5 gallons
11 City / 17 Highway
And this  car is not limited to only 155 mph!
2015 BMW i8 Coupe - The dealership posted on Facebook that they had one on these on display, so I dropped by to check it out.
But the car is behind a plastic rope as it has been prepped for the new owner...  Darn it!
i8, right fronti8, fronti8, left front
i8, lefti8, left reari8, close up of left rear lens assembly
i8, rear i8, rear, high
I will say that this car is MUCH nicer in person than in photos!