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Our feline member, China, a Russian-Blue and Siamese mix, given to us in early 1999.China, from 1999
So, unfortunately on Friday, July 27th, 2012, at about 1530 hrs., after a discussion and consideration of the facts...our China was euthanized.  But with no hope of recovery, we couldn't bear to see her suffering increase until her death...
While a strange and wonderful cat, we can honestly say she was a great pet, enhanced our lives, and will be greatly missed by us both.
Sympathy card from our veterinarianInside of sympathy card from our veterinarian
Our newest feline family member, Ming, the Merciless.  A Siamese mix, bought in July 2013Ming, the merciless
She is just wanting to be close and take a nap where it is warm...August 2016.
And she can fetch!