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Our newest feline family member, Ming, the Merciless.  A Siamese mix, bought in July 2013Ming, the merciless
Ming, the merciless2Learning that she has her own place now...
Out of the cage (temporarily) and roaming the house.Ming, around cage
Ming, around cage2Ming, roaming the living room
Ming, on the attackMing, making sure she's not being followed
Ming with cardboard ball3Playing with one of her cardboard balls.
Ming with cardboard ball2Ming with cardboard ball1
Of course, after a couple of weeks, the cage was removed and she was given full access throughout the house.  Only to be revoked from the bathrooms as she likes to unroll the paper rolls!!Ming in box1
She definitely likes boxes, like any other cat would!  Although this box is bigger that those featured in the "If it fits, I sits" video! 
Ming in box4Ming in box6
Ming, comfortable in arm2 And she loves to be held when I'm using the computer.
We got her spayed and front paws declawed on October 14th...perhaps too late for the minor damage the furniture sustained during the time we've had her (and this despite our padding the furniture)!Neutered and front declawed
But she is recuperating just fine. 
Ming in her bed with toy1 Ming in her bed with toy2 
Ming in her bed with toy3 Ming, laying in slippers 
Yeah, she thinks she owns the place...as any cat would! 
Checking for her Christmas present!
She found one! 
She is just wanting to be close and take a nap where it is warm...August 2016.
And Ming can fetch!
I think Ming is saying "no more shopping" in September 2016!