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Our feline member, China, a Russian-Blue and Siamese mix, given to us in early 1999.China, from 1999
china_on_couch.jpg (83559 bytes)When we moved to a house in 2001, she went with us and promptly took over.
Yeah, she thinks she owns the any cat would!chinaonrug.jpg (69036 bytes)
China in boxChina in box
On my ottoman...asleep.
Trying to stay in the sun as it moves throughout the day!
Nosy China watching meChina in paper bag
And laying on the table in the sun like she is doing NO wrong!!  Yep, Bad Kitty!
China and a peppermintChina looking for a pepermint, under the chair
China looking for a pepermintA sweet Christmas present?
China, having a rough dayWanting to be in the wreath
What a doll!What a doll close up
Sleeping in lateJust hanging around
Queen of all she surveysQueen of all she surveys, close up
Her last annual veterinarian visit, on July 19th, 2012, revealed no surprises during her physical evaluation, and upon returning home, she was normal.  But, as in the past, she still held a grudge for the indignities visited upon during that visit, against me.  Which she normally would get over within a day or so...  <g>
When she was still out of sorts several days later, Olga and I discussed the issue and elected to contact our vet for a follow-up appointment.  On Friday, we took her in, while she complained during the ride, as normal, it wasn't with the same exuberance she would normally display.
While nothing physical was noted during this evaluation, even the veterinarian noticed that while she was verbal, she was not herself, and even her complaining wasn't as boisterous as normal.  He suggested some additional blood work.  Unfortunately, within an hour he had bad news for us, she had apparently suffered a sudden onset of acute renal collapse/failure and while her tests results were way off the scale (specifically her creatinine and BUN [Blood, Urea, and Nitrogen] levels), she was currently only in mild discomfort, but it could only get worse...
So, unfortunately on Friday, July 27th, 2012, at about 1530 hrs., after a discussion and consideration of the facts...our China was euthanized.  But with no hope of recovery, we couldn't bear to see her suffering increase until her death...
While a strange and wonderful cat, we can honestly say she was a great pet, enhanced our lives, and will be greatly missed by us both.
Sympathy card from our veterinarianInside of sympathy card from our veterinarian
We are grateful that we had China for over 13 years.