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Waco, Texas Jokes!

Helluva place. David Extra-Koreschpy.

What's it called?
A Koresh-ka-bob?

Koresh roasted his weenies!

But his Camaro is safe! The FBI moved it yesterday for him after Koresh's insistence. At least he'll have something to drive "after" he brings himself back from the dead!

Has anyone heard that both Koresh and Jim Jones are coming back from the dead to record an album?
But the secret is, whoever buys it will be executed. Because it has majestic powers that if you touch it. You're a goner.

What do you call Koresh's children?
Young N' Tender Chickens...

WACO = Weenie And Charcoal Orgy
= We're All Cremated, Ouch!
= Watch Apocalypse Coverage, Okay?
= Why Are Cops Outside?
= Where Anglos Cook Out
= Wild And Crazy Outlaws
= We Are Catching On Fire
= We Are Cooking Ourselves
= We're All Crispy Outside
= What A Cook Out!
= We're A Combustible Organization

Manipulate the letters a bit and Koresh = Kosher......

Was it a Kosher barbecue?

Guess who just quit smoking. David Koresh.

What do the A.M.A., the BATF, and the FBI have in common?
They all bury their mistakes.

How about that Koresh, first he's a reverend, ten minutes later he's a friar.

What were Koresh's final words?
"No, I wanted a BUD light!"

How many Branch Davidians can you fit into a VW Bug?
Answer: Ninety. Four in the seats and eighty six in the ashtray.

How many Branch Davidians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
They can't; Koresh is the only one allowed to screw. (Another reason they used lanterns.)

Did you hear about the new Holiday in Texas? ... Ash Monday!

Question: Why did the Branch Davidians burn themselves up?
Answer: They wanted to keep up with the Jones's!

Question: What do David Koresh and Rodney King have in common?
Answer: They are both black!

Question: Why don't we have more prophets like David Koresh?
Answer: It's such a high stress job that burnout is almost inevitable.

Question: What was the most popular name for Branch Davidian
Answer: Ashley.

Question: How is Waco like a Snickers bar?
Answer: Roasted nuts.

Question: Did you hear that David Koresh lost his job as the second messiah?
Answer: He got fired.

I heard today that Jeffrey Dahmer escaped from prison......
He heard they were having a Bar-B-Que in Waco!

What did St. Peter say to Koresh when he showed up at the Pearly Gates?
Well done!

Did you hear . . .
They are changing the name of Waco Texas, they are gonna name it Corpus Crispy.

What do you call a Branch Davidian with a fire extinguisher?
A heretic.

What do you call a Scientologist with a flamethrower?
A copycat.

Did you hear that David Koresh was a closeted gay?
He was flaming, but he didn't come out.

The Branch Davidian Church has split into two sects:
Orthodox and Extra-Crispy.

What do you get when you cross David Koresh & Jeffrey Dahmer?
Brunch Davidian (barbecue naturally).

You people really burn me up!
David Koresh's last words.

David Koresh was waiting for a message from GOD.
The message read: "Bake at 700 degrees for 3 to 4 hours"!

Who just stopped smoking???

How do you pick up a Branch Davidian woman?
With a dust buster.

FLASH! David Koresh was spotted driving his Camaro south on I-35. Somebody told him there were at least 7 seals at Seal World in San Antonio.

What is David Koresh's favorite song?
Whooa, oh oh, I'm on fire.