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A couple of friends and I were sitting in a bar, talking about what guys usually talk about...women. We were talking about how we rate women, and trading lies about the beautiful women we'd had. After a while, we decided to compare our rating systems by checking out the women as they came in.

The first woman that came in was this cute little brunette. She was short, built well, with nice tits, and a cute little ass.

"She's at least an 8," I said, "very nice."

"Yeah, an 8 at least," said my other friend.

"No," said the third guy. "I wouldn't give her more than a 1."

"A 1?" we shrieked. "That's pretty tough."

In a few minutes, a tall redhead walked in and by our table. She smiled as she passed.

"Well," I said, "I like red heads. I'd give her a 9."

"I can agree with that," mimicked my friend.

"Still a 1...maybe a 2," said the other guy.

Well, we were taken aback by this flippant attitude, but we continued our ratings, with the third guy always rating very low. A short time later, however, this foxy blonde walked in. Every eye in the place watched her as she ambled up to the bar. Her low cut mini-skirt revealed enough to show she had it all. Her figure was something out of a dream.

"I think we've seen a 10 now, or higher if possible," I said.

"Yeah, she makes my tongue so hard I can hardly speak," said my friend.

Still unmoved, the last guy said, "Wow, yeah she's about a 4."

This was about all we could take. "A 4?", we echoed. "What scale are you using?"

"Well, I use the Budweiser scale," he replied.

"The Budweiser scale?"

"Yeah...the Budweiser scale."

"What the hell is the Budweiser scale?"

"Well, I just try to estimate how many Clydesdale's it would take to pull her off my face!" he replied.