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Various opening lines heard in Borg Bars...

Be vewy vewy qwiet...I'm assimiwating humans. Heh eh heh eh.
Elmer Fuddus of Borg

You remember Picard, I assimilated em'. Hooooo!!!
Andrew Dice Clayus of Borg

Prepare to be assim...assim...assim...assim...I'm taking over.
Porky Pigus of Borg

Assimilate my shorts.
Bart Simpsonus of Borg

Eat my Assimilation man.
Bart Simpsonus of Borg

Prepare to be assimilated. But we do have some awfully nice parting gifts for you.
Wink Martindalus of Borg

No, I'm sorry, the correct question is, "What is assimilation?".
Alex Trebekus of Borg

OK boys and girls, after we get assimilated, we'll play with our magic nose goblins.
Stimpyus of Borg

Well, after assimilation, we'd like to promote world peace and work with the needy children of the world.
Miss Americus of Borg

This is your brain. This is your brain on assimilation. Any questions?
Anti-Drug Commerciallus of Borg

Assimilating! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
Gomerus of Borg

Ya gatta know it, those thousand points of assimilation...
George Bushus of Borg

George Bushus of Borg

I love you, you love me, we're all an assimilated family.
Barneyus of Borg

Prepare to be asmilmated.
Dan Quaylus of Borg

We come to Assim' you up!
Hansus and Franzus of Borg

We gotta Assim it Andy, Assimilate it right in the bud.
Barney Fifus of Borg

Rattle and Assimilate...
U2us of Borg

Stand in the cube where you assimilate...
REMus of Borg

Losing my assimilation...
REMus of Borg

Got a pocket full of Assimilate...
Spin Doctorus of Borg

And if ya wanna assimilate, just go ahead now...
Spin Doctorus of Borg

Now you're assimilating with POWER!
Nintendous of Borg

I'm a material Borg, living in a material cube, assimilate...

Assimilation is Cool..eeh heeh ehehehe eehh heh...
Beavius of Borg

Prepare to be assim....,OOOOO! Doughnuts!
Homer Simpsonus of Borg